fabric quality

TFL Jumpsuits are made with hard-wearing fabrics that offer both great tear resistance, durability and expandability. Suits shape the body, hides imperfections such as cellulite and also allows better blood circulation.


The Fitness Label Bodycon & Sheer Revolution jumpsuits are adjustable at the cleavage and have easily removable bra lining.                             

one fit

TFL Jumpsuits are one size. Designed to mold and enhance your bodies curves. Our fabric is expandable and reverts to its original form.       


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Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Welcome collaborators, here at TFL we believe in the power of athletes. Everyone has goals and we hope to embark on this journey with you while you...

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Exchange Policy

We take great pride in our reputation for quality and our expandable fabrics made as one one fits all and will always return to their original size...

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Step 1. Always reverse all your items before putting them in the washer. Step 2. Wash in cold water. Step 3. Hang to dry. Step 4. Reverse, put on y...

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